Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage City with 53,513 inhabitants, is strategically situated in the center of Spain, bordered to the north by Valladolid, to the west with Avila, to the south with Madrid and to the east with Soria.

A modern communications infrastructure, that allows you to connect with Madrid (91 kms) 28 minutes by AVE, 50 minutes by car and with Valladolid (117 kms) 35 minutes by AVE, 1 hour and 15 minutes via the Autovía de Pinares.

These existing communications allow you to connect Segovia with the main cities of Castile and León, with the north of Spain at 3 and a half hours, and with Valencia, main port, in 4 hours.

This strategic location makes Segovia an attractive location for new business and industrial projects.